emma and susan’s space
a short film on 8mm

link to watch here
(as it was seen on-site, November 6th + 7th 2021)

made over a period of one year, originally screened during the exhibition, Notions, which took place the weekend of November 6th & 7th 2021. This exhibition featured the work of Susan Nakata (b. 1945) and was installed at her now-vacant home of over 20 years in Kensington. 

“Notions emerged from dialogues between Nakata and her niece, Emma Ishii. Ishii co-curated the show with her housemates, Owen Goodwin and Andrew Kodama. This intergenerational collaboration emphasized that creative communities thrive through intentional support of one another. Kodama created a short film for the exhibition, projected in the ground floor room that once housed Nakata’s ceramic studio. Conversations between Ishii and Nakata were visioned through 8mm black-and-white film, with a tender introspection that signals the closeness among all who worked to make Notions a reality.” - tamara suarez porras, 48hills

(full review here)

film/score/editing: andrew kodama
additional filming: emma ishii

8mm film developed by Soen Settani at andtheothers studio in Oakland, CA


a project supported by the Ara Jo Memorial Fund & ROCK PAPER SCISSORS COLLECTIVE